by Semper Fi

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Phil Jeffrey
Phil Jeffrey thumbnail
Phil Jeffrey Slept on these guys for a while but they're definitely a band to look into if you enjoy wall to Wall heaviness Favorite track: Cannibals (ft. Jamie Hanks).
Rhys Packham
Rhys Packham thumbnail
Rhys Packham Fucking mad. Not a disappointing track. Favorite track: Cannibals (ft. Jamie Hanks).
Bert Simon
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Bert Simon Just saw these guys in Toowoomba they were amazing
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Debut EP, released July 6, 2015.


released July 6, 2015

Recording + Edits: Antonio Hanna - Freefall Studios
Chris Blancato - Bearclaw Productions

Mixing + Mastering: Cory Judd

Guest Vocal "Cannibals": Jamie Hanks - I Declare War

Logo + Cover Art: Dan Bradley - DB Design

Management: Blake Dickson



all rights reserved


Semper Fi NSW, Australia

Heavy band from Sydney, NSW.

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Track Name: Cannibals (ft. Jamie Hanks)
Don't cross me on a bad day
I won't be happy to see you
I might be smiling
But that's only because I'm picturing you in pain
Don't be scared
I don't want to be your end
But I will show you what it means to be human
I can be a very cruel person
But I choose not to be
Because I feel I don't have to stoop down to your level
I've been there done that
And I don't want that kind of bullshit in my life
I don't care enough to waste my time telling you how pathetic I think you all are
That's what this song is for
That's why I do what I do
It's the only thing keeping me sane
It's the only reason I don't choose to act out on my violent thoughts.
Because if I did that
I'd be no better than your pathetic (fucking )
Fuck you and your fair weather friends
You're all dead inside
nowhere to run
nowhere to hide
Everyone, Looking for answers
But only finding flaws
I'll Step Up
And be your Master
I'll End this fucking disaster
Rid this pollution from your mouth
The only direction You're headed is south
You're not a man, You're just a fucking joke
The diseased word you spread
I hope you fucking choke in it
I've had enough of you
So with this rusted knife
I will sever the cancer
You brought into my life
"(Repeat twice again)
It's the only thing keeping me sane
It's the only reason I don't choose to act out on my violent thoughts.
Because if I did that
I'd be no better than your pathetic self
Track Name: Bedlam
Just the mere sight of you
Makes me lose my mind
I can't deal with knowing you get away with the life you lead
You make me fucking sick
When I see your face
I'm the monster
That will haunt you in your dreams
I've found my place in this world
So far away from you
I want to show the world the real me
I don't want to hide anymore
This ice in my heart
A Ruthless predator
When the world comes to an end
I'll be the one
Holding your fucking head
Your final breath
Was music to my ears
Your heart stopped
Eyes rolled back into your head
Forever wishing that the world was fucking dead
These voices in my head won't leave me alone
Sometimes I think I'm happy here
In love with my misery
Make way for the rampage
We're coming for you
Convulsing on the floor
Crying out to no one
Just a mental case with no love left to give
Track Name: Siq Kids
Woke up this morning
Had no idea where I was
My nights a blur
But who's complaining
Think back to the park
We stayed out late that night
Blacked out
Face down on the ground
This is how we do
Living the life
stay out of sight
stay out all night
I never said I was a role model
There's more to me
Than what you see
I'm in too deep and don't want to be saved
Close my eyes
Take this trip
Kiss the world goodbye
I don't know when
I'm coming back
I look up to the sky
But can't see past
The stars in your eyes
Sleep never seems like an option anymore
I'm one more pill away from
Losing my mind
Track Name: The Enigma
Back at it again
Another all nighter no doubt
My heads a mess
But some how makes sense
This night is mine for the taking
So come with me and see
Or else you're never gonna know the truth
I do my best to keep my head screwed on the right way
And as they always say
It's Easier said than done
Finding myself looking back
Why did I even bother
Why should I care
Who gives a fuck
I'll prove it to myself
Even if it means proving me wrong
I'll die happy knowing
I'll have a smile on my face
Don't worry about me
This is my therapy
I'll come out okay in the end
Because I always do
But until then
I'll just stay here
And keep observing
Everything around me
I'm not afraid of my demons
Although they may get to me
Finding myself
Shrouded in smoke
Drowning in the poison
Ridged movement
I can't control myself
This pain I've grown to love
How have I grown to love
something inside
Won't let me break
I refuse to be
One of the weak
I hold strong in knowing
They won't get the best of me